Orange County Mineral Society, Inc.

A Non-Profit Organization Established in 1953 In Orange County, New York


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I have to be a OCMS member to attend your meetings?

All of our regular monthly meetings are free and open to the public.

Q. Can you put me on your mailing list?

We do not have a regular mailing list for non-members. Up-to-date information is available online about our monthly meetings and other events. Regular members receive monthly bulletins as well as other important communications.

Q. Can the OCMS appraise my mineral/gem/jewelry collection?

The OCMS does not provide an appraised value for minerals, gemstones, lapidary arts or jewelry. This service, when needed, should be performed by an independent appraiser. While the OCMS does not and cannot recommend individual appraisers, there are several national appraisal associations and networks that will be able to help you locate an appraiser in your area.

Q. Can the OCMS identify or authenticate my mineral, gem or piece of jewelry?

The OCMS as an organization does not provide mineral or gem identification or authentication services. The absolute identification of a mineral or gem can be extremely challenging, requiring professional expertise and formal testing that can have a cost. However, you are welcome to bring an item or two to any meeting. Some of our members may be able to informally and casually point you in the right direction.

Q. Does the OCMS buy minerals, gems, jewelry, lapidary arts or collections?

The OCMS as an organization does not purchase minerals, gems, jewelry, lapidary arts or collections.

Q. Can I make a donation of money, minerals, gems, jewelry, books, lapidary arts, etc. to the OCMS?

We gratefully accept relevant donations, after some consultation and discussion, that can benefit the OCMS and help fund its ongoing educational, operational and academic activities.

Q. Can the OCMS help me sell my collection?

We strongly suggest you attend an upcoming mineral show and speak to a variety of mineral or gem dealers to get advice and guidance about the disposing of your collection. The OCMS is a non-commercial entity and can neither help you sell your collection nor recommend specific dealers for that task.

Q. Can I set up a booth at the Orange County Mineral Society Gem, Fossil and Mineral Show?

Absolutely. You can visit our page "Vendor Application Page" and download the vendor application. You can also contact Ron Nelson, our show coordinator.

Q. Are there other mineral or gem clubs in the USA?

Absolutely! Consult the websites of the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies (AFMS) or the Eastern Federation of Mineralogical & Lapidary Societies (EFMLS) for extensive national and regional information.

Q. Where can I take formal mineralogy, geology or lapidary courses?

Although you will certainly learn a lot by being a member of a mineral or gem club by attending meetings and hearing lectures, you may want a more extensive and structured educational experience. The EFMLS has a program called Wildacres. Wildacres is held twice a year in North Carolina. Click here for wildacres information. ( please note: you must be a member of a gem or mineral club that is a member of the EFMLS in order to attend wildacres). You might talk to OCMS members in person at any meeting to get some advice regarding lapidary courses. You should also consult the websites of local universities or colleges to see what they have available in these fields. Formal lapidary courses seem to be currently unavailable within the borders of Orange County, New York.