Orange County Mineral Society, Inc.

A Non-Profit Organization Established in 1953 In Orange County, New York


Amazing rocks and Minerals of Amity ( Warwick, NY)

The Rhein Vein

A discovery in Amity, New York (Orange County)

Amity, NY - Orange County -




The "Lost Spinel" Locality of Orange County, NY

Links of Interest

Rocks, Minerals, and Precious Stones (Thank you Piper)

Backyard Geology: A Guide for Homeowners and Families

Home Hobbies: Rock Collecting

The Crystal Collector - Brian Majors

Mining in Orange County, NY - Interactive Map

Virtual Museum of Geology

American Museum of Natural History - Hall of Minerals

Ellenville Mine

Digging quartz crystals in Macadoo, PA

John Betts Fine Minerals

Iron Miners

American Federation of Mineralogical Societies

MINERAL SHOW - Philadelphia Mineralogical Society

Denver Gem & Mineral Show

Tucson Gem Show

Western Mass Gem & Mineral Show

New York City Gem, Mineral, and Fossil Show

Connecticut Annual Gem & Mineral Show

New York State Museum Gem, Mineral and Fossil Show

Gem Stone Guru

International Gem Society - IGS

Orange County, New York Mineral Society Facebook Page

Friends of Sterling Forest - The Mineral and Locality Database


Museum Village - Reportedly kid-friendly collecting sites

Diamond Hill Mine - South Carolina

Top Spots For Gem Hunting In The US

Barton Garnet Mines – Tours and Garnet Mining

Herkimer Sites

Crystal Grove Diamond Mine & Campground

Herkimer Diamond Mines

Ace of Diamonds

Paradise Falls

Diamond Acres Mine, Fonda, NY

Hickory Hill Diggings - Fonda, NY

Herkimer Diamond, Gem Show & festival

Herkimer Diamond Mining tips and tricks

New Jersey Sites

Franklin Mineral Museum

Fluorescent Minerals of Franklin

Sterling Hill Mine

New Jersey Fossil Web Site

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