President's Message & PROGRAM

Our December meeting this Friday will feature a pot luck supper, election of 2018 club officers, and the annual mineral auction. We also have some planning to discuss for mineral shows, lapidary workshop, and the annual 2019 Eastern Federation Mineral and Lapidary Society meeting, location TBD, ( Maybe here). Try to remember to renew your membership so Ron can check you off for 2018. Hats, patches and shirts are available for purchase.
AFMLS Annual Meeting 2019
Mark Kucera brought some other interesting news back from the Eastern States Association meeting last month. Our club is being considered to host the 2019 meeting. If you look at the agenda and summaries Mark brought from the annual AFMLS meeting in Bristol, CT in October, you can see there are many aspects and activities to such a meeting. The Federation arranges the hotel and venue while some of the responsibilities of the host club include adding the local interests available for arranging speakers, field trips, vendors.
Pot Luck Supper
Bring your favorite entrée, side dish or dessert with serving utensil to share. The club will provide plates, cups, beverages and utensils. Look over the mineral auction specimens while the food is being set out.
Election of 2018 Officers
Thanks to all the members for helping make 2017 an educational and enjoyable experience. This is your club. Thank you for the emails and sharing of information throughout the year. The 2017 members and officers have done a fine job in organizing and arranging our meetings, annual show, liaisons to other clubs and shows, trips. We could use more help in these activities. If a few members get together for a few trips that often fills up all the time you have available for this hobby. Please thank Alex, Ryan, Frank, Ron, Linda and Al, Mark, John Dorval and John Wheeler. If you would like to assist and learn, please let us know.
Rocks, Minerals and Fossils Auction
Last year we had about 60-80 items for auction and we anticipate similar this year. Some members bring in some books, duplicates or extras from their collections to share. There will be some specimens that exceed our usual fare. Matthew and I attended the Morris Museum and Mineral show last week and picked up newer finds. I have several brachiopod fossils that need new homes. If someone can bring their black light, we sometimes find some surprises. The auction will be run like a silent auction, Chinese auction or penny social type to select who gets each specimen. You purchase a bunch of tickets decide which items you want to win. Place them in a cup next to the item. More of your tickets raise your chances of winning that item. The winning ticket will be drawn from that cup.
Setting up a Lapidary Workshop: Several members have expressed an interest in setting up a lapidary workshop and are looking for a location and equipment.

• Minutes for Meeting – November 10, 2017
The November meeting was held at the Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church in Middletown. Attendance reached twenty. Roster attached.
President Mike Tedford opened the meeting by welcoming everyone. Introductions were conducted. Mike reminded us that elections will be held next month. Let someone know if you would like to hold office.
Minutes: No minutes from the October meeting were available.
Treasurer’s Report: Ron Nelson gave the treasurer’s report. The EFMLS insurance has been paid for next year. Membership dues are due: $12.00 for an individual, $15.00 for family membership.
Committee Reports:
Club show: Ron plans to start sending out emails to vendors next month.
Other shows/trips: Mark Kucera gave a brief overview of the Baltimore Micromount Conference, the Fall Wildacres session, the EFMLS Convention held October 20-22, and the Bristol Show 21-22 Oct in Bristol, CT.
The Bruce Museum in Greenwich, CT has a new mineral exhibit opening. The Morris Museum show is the weekend after Thanksgiving.
Field trips: Alex Kerstanski said there is a fluorescent group (NERF) event the first Saturday (2nd) of December at Sterling Hill. Frank Clyne reported taking a walk near the Wurtsboro mine. The lower level has been fenced and capped with crushed stone.
New Business: Election nominations for next month previously mentioned by Mike Tedford.
Correspondence: None
Old Business: None presented.
Program: Mike introduced John Sanfaçon. John is a well-known lecturer though out the area mineral clubs. He is a retired language teacher from the renowned Delbarton School and world traveler.
John presented a good background on the sheer scope of Russian Mineralogy as a subject. Russia spans thirteen time zones although they only use eleven. They’ve deemed two zones as too remote to even use. A person situated in Portland, Maine is closer to Moscow than someone in Vladivostok.
John mentioned a few of the historic events and Russian scientists making significant contributions to mineralogy including Catherine the Great’s commission of Humboldt to survey Russian mineral resources in the1790’s, Dmitri Mendeleev, Vladimir Vernadsky, Alexander Fersman and Igor Pekov. As an aside John mentioned that Peter Dunn had died yesterday. (Peter Dunn’s fame in the mineral community was already well established by association with the Smithsonian Institution. His name is also enshrined locally for his publication on Franklin/Sterling Hill minerals.) Peter Dunn is thought to hold the record for new minerals identified with a count around 140. Igor Pekov is credited with a number around forty - thought to be second.
Pekov, as a much younger man, will in all likelihood pass Peter Dunn’s number.
John proceeded by showing numerous slides of mineral and lapidary wonders found in different regions and museums of Russia. He also had plenty of historic/tourist type photos, along with an entertaining anecdote to keep the lecture interesting.
We were again happy to benefit from John’s many years as a teacher and many trips to Russia. Although we knew John had downsized his personal collection, we were proud to be able to offer John a couple Kentucky agate slices that he can hopefully enjoy and maybe even work into his future agate lectures. (John has previously presented both of his excellent lectures on Agates and Jasper to the Orange County Club.)
A raffle of around twenty-one specimen was conducted after the lecture.
Next Meeting: December 8th will be the next meeting at the Orthodox Greek Church in Middletown. It is the holiday pot-luck meal and auction. No speaker is scheduled.
Mark Kucera