The December meeting was held at the Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church in Middletown. Attendance reached twenty-five. Roster attached. Mike Tedford welcomed everyone and thanked us for a good year. Mike reminded us about paying dues. We need to submit payment to the Federation soon. Membership is currently right around sixty-two.

Minutes: Minutes for the November 9th meeting had been distributed in the Shale Mail. They were approved without change.

Treasurer’s Report: The treasurer’s report was read by Ron Nelson and approved.

Committee Reports:
Club show and 2019 EFMLS Convention: Nothing new. We do need to shake out some details for getting responsibilities and requirements listed.

Field trips/digs/misc: Ryan Richardson is not opposed to running another Herkimer dig in the Spring. Alex Kerstanski reminded us that Sterling Hill still has a dig the last weekend of the month.

26 Jan - Rutgers – Saturday only
23-24 Feb - Albany
2-3 Mar - New York City
23-24 Mar - Western Massachusetts, Hadley Farms

Old/New Business:
Old: Phil Fernsten had a question during Jeff Fast’s lecture in November. Phil asked if the color in dumortierite was due to copper. No, there is no copper. It is a borosilicate with aluminum and iron. The formula is: (Al,Fe3+)7(SiO4)3(BO3)O3 (from Mindat)

New: Elections were conducted. The slate of nominations was the currently serving officers with the addition of one new nomination from the floor. Ryan Richardson was nominated to be an additional Vice President. He accepted the nomination and was elected along with the other current officers.

Gavin Hannah suggested that the offer of free table/tent space from the Herkimer Show organizers should be taken advantage of. He and Ryan Richardson are both familiar with the show and can potentially help staff the table.

Program: The meeting was our annual Holiday/Christmas meal. Thanks to everyone for bringing all the food and beverages. We ate well. We also conducted a silent/Chinese auction of around
eighty lots. Thanks to Al Strohl and Maggie Nelson for staffing the auction. Thanks also to those that made donations to the auction lots.

Next Meeting: January 11th will be Dan Bishuk discussing trace fossils in New York.

Mark Kucera