Minutes for Meeting – May 11, 2018
The May meeting was held at the Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church in Middletown. Attendance reached eighteen.

President Mike Tedford welcomed everyone. Introductions were made later in the meeting after committee reports.

Minutes: Minutes for the April meeting were published in the Shale Mail. The minutes were accepted.
Treasurer’s Report: Ron Nelson gave the treasurer’s report. The report was accepted.
Committee Reports:
Club show: Ron has thirty-three vendors signed up for the show. He installed the main show sign
at the Museum Village entrance. He talked briefly about staffing assignments for the show. We want to eventually upgrade the mineral labels in the Natural History building. The key for the cabinets has not been located yet. Ron is talking again with the photographer we had last year. We’re not sure if Doc Bayne wants to set up a table yet.
Webmaster: None. John is out of town.
Field trips: Ryan Richardson talked about the field trip to his claim near Herkimer (Diamond Acres) tomorrow. The meeting time and location details were worked out. The Club will pay the land use fee for members. We also talked about potential digs at a few other sites.

Upcoming shows/conferences: Kent, CT is 9 June; NYC 23-24 June; Springfield is 10-12 August; Morris Museum (former Delbarton Show) is 18 August. The NoJMS Swap for 12 May is postponed until the rain date of 26 May.

Membership: Mike talked about the benefits of membership.

Old Business: Show: More show flyers are available for distribution.
Correspondence: Nothing new related to the inquiry from Gail Merian/Southern Tier Mineral Club concerning the Knapp Iron Mine at Sugar Loaf Mountain. We’ll chase the issue more when the dust settles from the show.
New Business: None
Correspondence: None

Program: Mike welcomed Dr. Howard Heitner. With photos, Howard ran us through an extensive roll of the early days of mineral collecting in the US. It was primarily the early men of science, heavily weighted toward physicians initially that recognized minerals as worthy of collecting and study. Although many of the names he used have faded into various degrees of obscurity, dealer and collector names like Foote, Underhill, English and Ward are still seen routinely at some shows.

Dr. Heitner had introduced his lecture as really being about people. It was. It was also an important reminder on the importance of keeping labels and knowing or at least recognizing how provenance can work into the pricing of specimen. We appreciate Howard sharing the results of his diligent research.

Raffle: A raffle was held of around a dozen items.

Next Meeting: June 8th will be the next meeting at the Orthodox Greek Church in Middletown. Ted Johnson will be our speaker.

Mark Kucera