Minutes for Meeting – May 12, 2017

The May meeting was held in the Lodge at Gander Mountain. Attendance reached twenty-five. Roster attached.
President Mike Tedford opened the meeting by welcoming everyone.
Minutes: The minutes from the April meeting had gone out with the Shale Mail. They were accepted without correction.
Treasurer’s Report: Ron Nelson gave the treasurer’s report. The Treasurer’s report was accepted.
Committee Reports:
Club Show: Ron Nelson gave the current count of dealers as twenty-six with a few more phone calls coming in.
One of the vendors is a glass blower. Ron has a food truck lined up for Sunday at this point. A food truck for
Saturday isn’t worked out yet. We also talked about the staffing requirements for the show weekend and general
work around Museum Village.
Field trips: Alex Kerstanski talked about field trip to Sterling Hill on May 28th
. Meet at the Burger King in Goshen at 10:15. The site fee is $5.00 and $1.50 per pound removed.
Webmaster: John Wheeler said there has been 300 hits on the website recently. The traffic volume on the site is
probably show related.
Shows: The Franklin show was the last weekend of April. The Kent, CT swap/show is the weekend after our
show on 10 June. The Gilsum, NH show is 24 & 25 Jun.
Old Business:
Shirts: We still have some left. Need to order small.
New Business:
Meeting location: The Gander Mountain meeting room availability is uncertain. A few other leads were
Program: Ted Johnson gave his Siberian Mineral Collection presentation. Ted stated out by saying it was “epic.”
That was probably a mild understatement. It was a mix of exotic location travelogue and mineral lesson. Without
hearing the lecture a few more times or doing some serious map research, it would maybe be fair to say they
covered an area seemingly close to the entire United States with well over a dozen specific dig locations in six
weeks. Certainly not a relaxed pace despite his numerous panoramic shots and description of fishing,
swimming and cultural tourism side trips. We’ve heard Ted tell us about his experience with Connecticut
pegmatites. Even he was impressed with the pegmatites in Russia. They have topaz and beryl crystals better
measured by the pound than the carat. With the world’s current climate, it is probably unlikely that a similar trip
could even occur today but it is certainly fun to think about and Ted’s narrative was both entertaining and
After asking Ted questions. We held a raffle of around eighteen items from the club stock and a few donated
from the Stedners.
Next Meeting: June 9th, at a yet to be confirmed location. Howard Heitner will talk on the Tilly Foster mine.
Mark Kucera, Secretary

(Note: next meeting at Museum Village.)